Millennial Lov3 is the brainchild of Michele “Michè”, Justin and Cara (AKA Cara D.).  Based in Dallas, Texas, we are three millennials who aspire to be a voice for those millennials who may be struggling while navigating sex, love, and being selfish AF in 2016 and beyond.  We strive to be a voice, or an outlet—if you will—for any millennials who feel lost, who are unable to express their emotions, or who feel they aren't doing enough in life right now.  We want millennials to know that wherever they are or whatever they may be dealing with/have dealt with, its ok to be in that exact position in this exact moment, all while sharing some laughs along the way.

Justin August hails from South Louisiana – Lafayette to be exact, shah.  He graduated from Southern University A&M College in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and moved to Dallas in 2012.  He is currently an executive pharmaceutical sales professional for a multi-billion dollar company specializing in dermatology.  Justin enjoys long walks on the beach, boiled craw fish on a summer day, and big booty hoes (hump wit it). 

Cara Davis (AKA Cara D.) is a South Georgia girl from the smallest town on the map (286 residents).  SHE IS NOT FROM ATLANTA.  REPEAT: SHE IS NOT FROM ATLANTA.  Cara graduated from Mercer University (we beat Duke in the NCAA tournament in 2014!) and completed her law degree at Southern University Law Center.  She moved to Dallas in 2015 and currently has 3 jobs (less than Kevin Gates, but who’s counting?).  Cara is a licensed and practicing attorney, an adjunct professor, and a podcast host.  Cara D. will twerk to gospel music with no shame, but she loves the Lord!

Michele “Michè” Haley was born and raised in North Dallas, Texas (but for real, she’s from Irving – specifically the suburban area).  She attended prestigious Prairie View A&M University as well as Clark Atlanta University where she completed her Masters in Social Work.  Not only is she pursing multiple business ventures, but Michè is also a full-time licensed mental health therapist for children and adolescents.  She’s 110lbs soaking wet but eats like a grown man.